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So you want to get a pet Axolotl? Good for you! You will be helping to save an almost extinct creature.

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Please do not order a pre-order axolotl unless you are willing to wait up to 8-12 weeks for shipping.

Each Axolotl is unique with it’s own color patterns, sizes and charm. One of the many characteristics we love about them…

Step 1

Learn what an Axolotl is...

The Axolotl is a neotenic salamander, although the axolotl lives in a freshwater fish tank, it is not a fish, but an amphibian. The species originates from Lakes Xochimilco and Chalco underlying Mexico City. Of these two high altitude freshwater lakes, only the remnants of Xochimilco is found as canals can be seen today. Unfortunately, many information sources mention these lakes as if they still exist. If only this were still the case, sadly they are rarely seen in the wild. The status for the Axolotl at this point in time is critically endangered. They are in danger due to the high levels of pollution that have been increasing in the bodies of water where they live. Many of the lakes that they once inhabited, have sadly dried up.

The Axolotls are unusual among amphibians, they reach adulthood without going through metamorphosis. Instead of taking to the land, adults remain aquatic and gilled. Axolotls are unique in many ways, they can regrow every one of they’re limbs! as many times as they need too!

There are some things that need to be READ before you get your Axolotl.

*Please read this entire page to learn how to properly care for your Axolotl in order for you to decide if this is right for you.

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Select the type of Axolotl(s) you want...

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Make sure to read Tank Requirements and care sheet before buying one!!

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How to Buy An Axolotl

Snack time for Axolotls

Graceful and Fascinating

Adorable Companions

Give them plenty of safe toys to enjoy and explore

Take photos of them to record their growth and keep a journal.

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Get in touch with us at any of the links below, we’ll get you ready to get you one or a few of our amazing Axolotls, also called (water dragons).

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How to Get it Shipped

Live Arrival Guarantee

100% Live Arrival Guaranteed as long as temperatures are in the safe zone during the day while the package is sitting outside (40F-80F degrees)

DOA “Dead on arrival”
No refunds – Replacements only, when stock is available. To receive replacement Axolotl(s) if your Axolotl(s) does lose it’s life in shipping, I must receive picture of Axolotl(s) clearly deceased in the original bag that I shipped them in, Pictures must be sent within an hour of delivery. Nips (missing gills and missing legs) can happen and they DO grow back. (There is no refund or replacement if this occurs).

All Sales are FINAL – NO REFUNDS.
If you decide you do not want the one(s) you paid for, you can take what you spent and use it as credit towards any Axolotls up for sale – for up to three months.

We Ship with USPS (United States Postal Service) Shipping takes 2-3 days, We ship mondays, tuesdays and sometimes wednesdays. any orders after Sunday have to wait until the following week for shipping. Tracking number is provided when we ship. We can also hold babies after payment for up to 60 days after payment.

We do not ship to illegal states.

Illegal States -Maine, CA, New Jersey,

We also cant ship to New Mexico and Hawaii  


Cute and Lovable

Clean and Entertaining

Unique and Interesting

Step 5

Once your Axolotl Arrives



Meet Loki

Loki, our first Axolotl baby was rescued from a pet store. (Notice before and after picture on the right). She was 8 months old at 3 inches long. Within 3 weeks of coming to her new home and given a proper diet she grew into a healthy, beautiful Axolotl! We say rescued, because pet stores usually are not informed on how to properly care for these beautiful creatures. This is why you will see them on gravel and for nutrition, they are fed tiny unhealthy pellets.

Step 6

Tank Maintenance

A new aquarium and filter should be allowed to cycle for several weeks prior to the introduction of Axolotls. This is to allow the water conditions to settle and most importantly, for the filtration of  bacteria to develop. Be sure to keep an eye on water parameters using the test kits sold at aquarium stores.

After the tank is cycled weekly or bi weekly water changes are needed.

At least 40-50% of the water needs to be removed and replaced with conditioned tap water COLD (not too high or too cold) and be sure while using the siphon to remove water, to move everything around.

Ensure to get anything that’s on the bottom of the tank (if your tank is bare bottom). Objects such as poop, uneaten food, pieces of dead plants (if live), all of this creates Ammonia which is very harmful to your Axolotl. It can and will kill your Axolotl if you don’t keep its tank clean, Do Not accidentally hit your Axolotl with the siphon. Serious body harm can be done. It is recommended that you remove your Axolotl from tank while using siphon if you cant work around it. Remember to transfer to a tub or similar container with conditioned water.

Most Axolotls reach about 10 inches total length (from the tip of the nose to the end of the tail). A few will pass 12 inches, but this is rare.

Axolotls reach sexual maturity when they reach about 8 inches. This can be in as few as six months, but generally it takes about a year to a year and a half of good care to reach sexual maturity. Breeding your Axolotl early can have harsh effects on your pet, Axolotls have been known to live past 15 years when treated properly.

A 10-gallon aquarium can accommodate a single adult Axolotl, but due to the large amount of waste produced by these messy creatures, a 20-gallon aquarium is a safer choice. Axolotls do not emerge from the water, so a land area would go unused. Fill the aquarium to the depth of your choice, but it will be easier to maintain good water parameters when the aquarium is filled, as you would for aquarium fish.

A lid or aquarium hood should be kept in place at all times because Axolotls have been known to jump out of their aquariums.

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